Avocado Egg Bowl

I kept seeing a recipe with an egg baked inside an avocado that looked really yummy, but warm avocado just didn’t sound good to me and reviews of the recipe

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Zebra Shakeology Waffles 

These yummy vanilla/chocolate waffles are the perfect breakfast treat! They are sweet, high in protein and delicious. If you do not have Shakeology, you can still make these yummy waffles

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Zucchini & Squash Omelette 

Simple, filling and packed with veggies! This delicious omelette is the perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner quick meal. Add some turkey bacon or lean steak for another protein!!    

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French Toast Roll-Up

This breakfast may as well be dessert. It is so yummy and rich and delicious and did I mention yummy??!

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Spinach and Chive Quiche

I went to a brunch today and they had my favorite brunch food…quiche. I was sad because I couldn’t have any. I came home and decided to make my own

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Strawberry Milk Refrigerator Oats

Refrigerator Oats are a quick, easy, filling breakfast or meal on the go! They are prepped the night before, or up to 3 days before and you can use an

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Cinnamon and Vanilla Whole Wheat French Toast

There is nothing better than a lovely weekend brunch and French Toast is one of those brunch items that may get passed up because it seems like a bad food.