Shrimp Skimpi 

Skinny Scampi = Skimpi and it’s not called that because it skimps on taste or amount…what it skimps on is calories and fat! We reduced the amount of butter and oil

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Strawberry Milk Refrigerator Oats

Refrigerator Oats are a quick, easy, filling breakfast or meal on the go! They are prepped the night before, or up to 3 days before and you can use an

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Turkey & Ricotta Lasagna Curls

These adorable, easy to make lasagna curls are such a fun dinner. You can really use any meat/veggie/cheese combo inside so if you have picky family members…everyone can have their

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Homemade Healthy Chicken Salad

If you are missing chicken salad because of the no-mayo rule…you are in luck! This amazing chicken salad is made with greek yogurt 🙂 I used this chicken salad on


Chicken and Taco Turkey Tostadas

Ingredients: 2 corn tortillas 1/4 ❤️  fat free refried beans 1 ❤️ container of shredded chicken 1 ❤️ container of taco seasoned turkey 1 💙 container of Mexican blend cheese Preheat oven

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