Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos

These slightly fried Mahi Mahi fish tacos feel like a cheat, but they aren’t! Make these for lunch or dinner for a delicious, well balanced meal containing protein, veggies and

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Stuffed Street Tacos 

You get 2 corn tortillas for 1 💛  on the 21 Day Fix!! Street tacos are so easy, and yummy and 2 is always better than 1 😉.

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Cinnamon and Vanilla Whole Wheat French Toast

There is nothing better than a lovely weekend brunch and French Toast is one of those brunch items that may get passed up because it seems like a bad food.


Chicken and Taco Turkey Tostadas

Ingredients: 2 corn tortillas 1/4 ❤️  fat free refried beans 1 ❤️ container of shredded chicken 1 ❤️ container of taco seasoned turkey 1 💙 container of Mexican blend cheese Preheat oven

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