Fried Brown Rice

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Brown Fried Rice! You can add so many veggies into fried rice and it’s an easy family meal. We bought pre cooked chicken strips from trader joes as well as their organic brown rice and frozen cocktail shrimps. In a large pan, heat up 2-3 tsps of olive oil. Add diced carrots, chives, peppers, broccoli, peas (whatever you like). Let the veggies cook down a bit and then add the chicken and de-frosted shrimp and some salt and pepper. This particular bag of rice fills 6 yellow containers, so use your yellow container to measure out 1-6 servings depending on how many people you are serving and add to the veggies. I add low sodium soy sauce and a tiny bit of sesame oil at this point. Once the veggies and rice and chicken are all incorporated move them over to one side of the pan and crack in 2 eggs on the empty side, scramble them up and let them cook a tiny bit and then fold into the rice until all is cooked and coated! I use my red to then measure out each serving smile emoticon. This recipe equals 1 yellow, 1-2 greens depending on your veggies, 2 red and 2 tsp.

Fried Brown Rice

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