Clean Taco Salad!

Recipes | May 27, 2015 | By

Jennie-o taco seasoned turkey
Fat free refried beans
Chopped salad mix of your choice
Cherry tomatoes
Dollop of lowfat plain Greek yogurt

Cook the turkey according to package. Place 1/2 yellow container of refried beans into a bowl and add 1 red of turkey. Microwave and mix together once done. Place salad and tomatoes on a plate and spoon meat and bean mixture over the greens. Add appt 2-3 tsps of Greek yogurt on top and enjoy!!

Refried beans do have a lot of protein, some people count them as red but I say yellow to be safe.

1 ❤️, .5 💛, 2 💚 and you can count the yogurt as .25 💛 if you want!


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