21 Day Fix Mac and Cheese

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It’s cold and rainy here so my family wanted comfort food. I found a Mac and cheese recipe but adding a protein makes this much more filling!

Mac And Cheese with Ground Beef

Cook whole wheat noodles (I used fusilli). Cook lean ground beef and spice with onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper and anything else you like. Measure out 3 yellow containers of the pasta depending how many you need to serve and put in a pot. Add 3 blue containers of sharp cheddar and 1 yellow filled with half low fat milk and half low sodium beef broth (eliminate milk if you don’t have enough yellow containers) and just use about 4-6 tablespoons of the broth. Mix until smooth and cheese is all melted in. Add 3 red containers of the ground beef mix together and serve! This makes 3 servings so adjust for more or less. I added a side salad.

Each serving is 1 ❤️, 1.25 💛, 1 💙and if you add some veggies in like spinach 1 💚!


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