WW Fresh Meal Review – Creamy Cavatappi

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I tried one of the new WW Fresh meals for lunch today. These packaged meals are available at some Sprouts markets and Hy-Vee markets. The one I tried was the Creamy Cavatappi, with 7 SP per serving. Each package makes 2 servings. The retail price at the Sprouts I visited in Southern California was $17.99, but I had a $5 off coupon as well making each serving only $6.50.

My husband and I are not fans of mushrooms and I found that the asparagus pieces in the kit were mostly all bottoms…which I find bitter and hard to eat. I would have been happier with more tops. Also, while the sauce tasted fine, it got very thick and looked quite unappetizing. I added some delicata squash pieces due to the fact that I didn’t use the mushrooms and wanted to add some more veggies. The price point was good and the serving size was decent.

I would definitely buy these in the future for work or when I don’t feel like cooking, as opposed to a frozen meal (or take out!). It tasted a lot more fresh than a frozen meal, the points value was really great for how filling the portion was and I felt completely satisfied after eating. I am really looking forward to trying out the other varieties. 

*The first image of the packaged product was taken from the WW website, so full credit to them! 

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