Working hard to lose weight can make you money? Yup!!

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I used to put $10 in a piggy bank for every 1 lb. I lost. I always had goals to go on a shopping spree after I lost 50 lbs. The money was a great incentive.

Imagine if you could bet money on yourself and then not only get that money back but also another $500-$1000? That would be really great shopping spree right?! Danielle below bet $50 a month for 9 months, lost 128 lbs and made $1323!! I’ve bet $50/month on myself to lose 40 lbs. and I am already well on my way!!

Bet on your weight loss goal, lose the weight, and win money. Visit HealthyWage today and calculate what your prize would be (it’s totally free to check!). Post it in the comments below! I will start with mine!

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    August 13, 2017

    If I bet $50/month that I would lose 40 lbs in 9 months, my prize would be $1420!! Not only would I get my money back but I would also get an extra $970.

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